Boring Bar Installed

It took a lot of equipment and manpower, but our new Kuraki Boring Bar has officially been installed at AMI! The new CNC equipment allows us to machine much larger parts than we previously had been able to machine on our Makinos.   The purchase and installation of the Kuraki Boring Bar allows us to offer expanded machining services to our current customer base as well as opening us up to new potential customers and markets.

The installation of the new equipment gives us the ability to machine parts as large as 118” x 78” x 62” and up to 10,000 lbs. If you have any parts that would fit any of our machines, please Contact Us today!

New Kuraki Boring Bar Has Arrived

Our new Kuraki Boring Bar has arrived at AMI! It took 11 crates on three different semi-trucks to get the parts into our facility. Installation on the equipment will take place over the next couple of weeks with the hopes of kicking off the new equipment in early October.

The new equipment gives us the ability to machine parts as large as 118” x 78” x 62” and up to 10,000 lbs. This gives us the opportunity to expand further into markets that we are currently in, as well as move into new markets. If you have any parts that you think would be a good fit for this equipment, please give us an opportunity to quote it today.

Below are some pictures of the preparations we are making and the Kuraki arriving into our facility:

Solar Panel Installation


AMI has recently finished the installation of a 100 kW solar panel array on our facility in Green Bay, WI. This is part of our effort to use more sustainable green energy at our facility to protect our environment. A few of the other projects we have done to make our facility more “green” are replaced older low-efficiency light bulbs with energy efficient lighting, electric vehicle charging stations, and the installation of collector style powder paint booth. These are all being done to help us achieve one of our goals of becoming an ISO 14001 compliant company, but we will talk more about that in a future article.

Let us know if you have any sustainability initiatives at your organization that we could help you fulfill.